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What is Everyday Carry (EDC)

What Makes Us so Special?

The EDC, or Everyday Carry community is a group of likeminded individuals who are passionate about what specific items they carry around. Depending on the situation, some may just carry the bare essentials such as a phone, wallet and maybe car keys. Others enjoy getting carried away by adding a wide variety of items such as knives, multi tools, pry bars, bottle openers, pens, flashlights, notebooks and other types of devices that might make daily life easier like headphones or lip balm.

Blue Everyday Carry

What does the EDC community do?

The community is made up of people that love to show off their stuff. Some may feel that this is frowned upon, but I would completely disagree. Someone who just bought a super cool, high tech titanium flashlight should be allowed to show it off to people who think it is just ac cool as he/she does. One thing that many people do is post pictures of their gear, or their ‘loadout’ or 'pocket dump'. Technically, this style of laying out all of your gear and taking a picture of it is called knolling, but this term is used more within the photography/artistic community rather than the gear community. Most people outside of the EDC community don’t get super excited about what type of metal is used in a prybar or bottle opener as long as it gets the job done. People within the EDC community are different. They love to talk about the different types of small batch and custom metal projects that allow for them to get the most unique and limited gear possible.

Black Everyday Carry Pen

Custom made culture?

Because the everyday carry community is so interested in having the newest and most interesting types of gear, there is a culture that promotes the small batch or custom manufacturing of certain metal items. These metal items may range from a pry tool to a bottle opener to some sort of self defense tool such as knuckles. The combination of this close-knit community of likeminded individuals mixed with the custom made/small batch goods culture that exists within the everyday carry community is something that is extremely special and keeps me coming back for more.

EDC Loadout

Where to start?

There are a number of amazing resources that could help you get started with your EDC journey, or should I say obsession. Chances are that if you are still reading this, you are in the right place. I would suggest checking out Urban EDC Supply, as they do a great job with connecting EDC vendors with buyers. Additionally, I could recommend that you check out some of our products as well. I will warn you that once you get into this hobby, it will slowly and surely drain your wallet, as many of the coolest items cost a pretty penny. With that being said, all of the time and effort that I have spent to get to know the EDC community has more than paid off.

One of my favorite places to meet people who share this same great hobby as me is through the Reddit r/EDC community. I have met a number of great people through involvement in this community.

Everyday Carry with Brass Pen

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