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Robrasim Bifold Leather Wallet Review

Best Genuine Leather Wallet Under $20? 

Robrasim Bifold Wallet Review

Overview: Before I begin, for any of you questioning the durability of the Robrasim Bifold wallet based on Amazon reviews, the looks of the wallet or the pricepoint... please don’t. I have used this walled every day for more than two years now and it is still in extremely great shape. I believe that the wallet was around 15$ at the date of purchase. When the wallet first arrived in the mail, I was skeptical of the material used, because the leather had a slight residue on the outer layer. I believe that this is just a protective layer that is designed to keep the leather looking and feeling fresh before it is delivered. When examining the quality of the leather itself, I was rather impressed. Unlike many of the wallets that I have tested in the sub 20$ range, I found that the Crazy Cowhide leather used is quite nice. The texture of the outside of the wallet is very smooth and sleek. On the interior center of the wallet, it is easy to see the underside of the leather that is used, and this leather has a much different, but also genuine, texture to it.

Usage: For the first couple days of use, the wallet was rather difficult to get in and out of my pocket. I felt that the residue on the lather would make it difficult to remove from my pocket without either turning my pocket inside out or pulling something else out of my wallet. The wallet was slowly starting to get some desirable scratches and scuffs on the exterior panel.

After several weeks/months of use, the sticky/shiny exterior resin was completely gone, and the wallet was much smoother. It was super easy to get in and out of my wallet, and it had begun to form to my credit cards that were in the different slots. When first putting credit cards in the slots, the fit was very snug and somewhat difficult to remove each individual card. With a few months of everyday use, the leather loosened up enough to the point that each card would effortlessly slide in and out when needed.

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Size: One thing that I noticed about the wallet was that once I stuffed a lot (15+) cards in the various compartments, the leather began to stretch out. When you removed the extra cards and only carried the essentials, the wallet would take a week or so to get used to carrying less cards. This resulted in my cards sliding out at unwanted times. This is not a huge problem, because my cards wouldn’t really just fall out of my wallet, rather they were just a little less snug and secure.

Design: The design of this wallet should definitely be noted, considering it is somewhat of an unusual bifold configuration. Personally, as someone who rarely carries a lot of cash, I found the design to be extremely useful. I find it best to carry a 20$ bill (or two) in the back compartment along with all of my credit cards. Because there is no actual space designed for bills, you are required to fold your money in order for it to fit inside. One thing that should be noted for those who like to travel is the size. When traveling internationally, I have found it difficult to get other currencies to fit inside with the same ease as dollars. This is an unavoidable problem, as some bills happen to be larger than others.

Robrasim Leather Wallet

Cons: When looking at the drawbacks of this wallet, there is only one main thing that stands out to me. It might not be something that you notice immediately, but after prolonged usage it will become apparent. The leather is evidently treated with a sort of dye/pigment that will rub off on all of your cards that come in contact with it. You will notice that if you ever carry business cards around, the paper will be stained with a light brown pattern every time. This isn’t a huge deal to me, as I don’t really mind if my credit cards have a little discoloration. I have noticed that it only really affects the top credit card as well. If it is really a big deal for you to not have your credit cards slightly colored, you can put a business card above it to minimize the contact with the leather. Other than that, this wallet has been absolutely indestructible.  

Conclusion: It is pretty evident that this wallet is not ideal for those who like to carry large amounts of cash on a daily basis. If you are someone who usually only carries credit cards, this wallet is a great option at a very low price point. In my opinion, it is one of the best leather wallets under 20$.

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