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Pangea Bamboo Towel Review

Created by a team of backpackers, this sustainable and absorbent towel is crafted entirely from bamboo fibers. Truthfully, this was the first time learning that bamboo could be woven into fibers and used for textiles, but based on the outcome of their product it does look rather nice.

Pangea Towel

The Pangea team has pledged around $250k on their various Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns where these products were brought to life through the support of thousands of backers. On their website, they currently have a small pocket towel and a regular sized towel. In addition, it appears that their newest crowdfunding campaign indicates a new XL sized towel which could be suitable for larger applications such as relaxing at the park or on the beach.


Because of Pangea’s passion for sustainability, they have also dedicated a portion of their sales to go towards cleaning up trash from our water supplies. Their promotions note that for every $10 in sales, they will commit to removing one pound of trash from waterways. Through their crowdfunding campaigns, they have a tiered trash removal approach that allows for Pangea to fund the construction of river barriers in some of the world’s dirtiest rivers around the globe.

Pangea River Cleanup

It is worth noting that the Pangea towel is 100% bio degradable and is said to dry up to 5 times faster than traditional cotton and 3 times more than traditional microfiber towels. This should come to no surprise if you’ve ever lugged a wet and heavy cotton beach towel back after a long summer day by the water. Based on early customer feedback, the Pangea towel is extremely lightweight and absorbent as advertised. It was frequently noted that the high-quality metal carabiner attached to the towel is a very useful touch. One area of concern regarding the towel’s functionality was the zipper/bag feature of the towel. Although the towel is designed to roll up to fit in its compact storage compartment, some users were explaining that the zipper and bag storage method could be slightly easier to use.

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