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Mizu V8 Water Bottle Review

An insulated Water Bottle that makes cutting back on plastic easy

When I first bought this water bottle what feels like a million years ago, I purchased it because I thought it looked cool. At the time of purchase, I had no idea how long it would last. I have now had this water bottle for more than 5 years and it hasn’t skipped a beat. This 26 ounce Mizu V8 has made it by my side through thick and thin. Sure it may look a little different than the day I bought it, but hey a few scratches here and there just add character.

Mizu V8 Water Bottle

For me, the biggest selling point that made me want to buy this Mizu water bottle was the full metal construction. Many other popular water bottle companies that claim to have a full metal construction really don’t. For example, some water bottle designs utilize a design that appears to be entirely metal, but in fact have parts of plastic within the cap or base. At the time that I purchased this bottle, I wasn’t entirely familiar with the double vacuum insulation technology that was used on the walls of this water bottle, but it sure does work well. I have stored everything from beer, iced tea, hot chocolate to the occasional French onion soup on a camping trip. I truly believe that these bottles are one of the best picks for durable and unique water bottles on the market, and I am confident in saying that I will not be able to use another water bottle for everyday use.

Silver Mizu Water Bottle

The biggest selling point for this bottle is the aesthetics. The edges are hard enough to catch the eye, but not sharp enough to be uncomfortable. It looks simple and elegant, and I think that this is part of the reason that I have grown to fall in love with the brand over the past few years. Also, the fact that it doesn’t look like a goofy bowling pin is a huge plus. I chose to go with the soft orange finish, but it has since then lost some of the grip throughout the years. It is now more of a shiny, reflective orange but still looks great.

Mizu V8 Orange

One thing that I noticed throughout the years was the sound that the lid made when putting the cap on or off. There would be a slight chatter to the lid that eventually faded with usage. When I first purchased the water bottle, the lid would squeak loudly due to the metal on metal contact.  As I began to use the bottle more and more, the sound faded almost entirely.

Another thing I should highlight about this bottle are the many dents around the edges. Yes I have dropped this water bottle many times, and there are several dents to show for it. I know some people may feel that it compromises the overall visual appeal of the bottle, but if you don’t want your water bottle to have dents in it, don’t drop it.

Metal Water Bottle

Overall, I have been using this water bottle daily for about 5 years and it is still in great shape. Throughout the years, I have signed up to the Mizulife newsletter where I have ben fortunate enough to learn interesting things about their brand and the occasional camping tip. Additionally, Mizu is a part of 1% for the planet which focuses on giving back to the community to provide charitable donations for popular environmental causes. I know it is a rather large investment for a water bottle, but I think that given the quality and long lifespan, it is a no brainer what water bottle I’m filling up day after day.  

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