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Fischer Bullet Space Pen Review

Fischer Ballpoint Pen Review

First off, this pen was much much smaller than I was expecting. As soon as I opened up the neat packaging from Amazon, I was very surprised to be greeted with a ballpoint pen that felt slightly bigger than one of those little pencils they give you at the golf course to write your score down.

Fischer Bullet Space Pen

Moving towards the pen itself, I actually was quite impressed with this pen once I got over the initial shock from its size. The pen feels sturdy, weighted and solid enough to carry around for a long time. The weight was slightly lighter than I expected but not terribly light. One thing that I dislike about this pen is the weight distribution. I feel that the pen feels very unbalanced and unweighted at certain points. I am someone who likes to fiddle with my pens. Generally, I often find myself either spinning them around between my fingers or just fidgeting with my pens. Because of the small size and light weight, I feel that the Fischer Bullet pen is less than ideal for this. I opted for the polished silver look because I think it looked the cleanest. There are also a wide variety of different colors that may appeal to you. I was mostly debating between the matte black and the silver.

Fischer Bullet Space Pen Box

One of the main things that Fischer Space Pens are known for is the ink cartridge. Fischer pens come equipped with a pressurized ink system that allows for a truly premium feel. Their main marketing strategy goes to say that you can use the pen in any situation: upside down, underwater, super-hot temperatures, super cold temperatures and even in outer space. But let’s be honest, how many of us are actually going to be using this pen underwater even, let alone outer space. To me, none of this mattered for me. I really just cared to see how the thing feels when its writing across the paper. I would say that it is above average in its feel. They claim that the pressurized ink cartridge eliminates the need to do that little scribble thing that we all do before writing. Honestly, I didn’t notice much of a difference when writing and did the scribble anyway.

Fischer Bullet Space Pen Cap

The biggest thing that I liked about this pen was the attention to detail. The pens grooves felt smooth and allowed for the pen to rest comfortably in my hand without slipping. The capping mechanism was very smooth and satisfying to put on and off. There was a rubber O ring that was used to make the mechanism smoother. I would not be surprised to hear that this could wear out over time. I did find that the edges to the cap were a little to sharp for my liking. I felt my hand getting sore if I was pressing too hard on the paper, but maybe I’m just being too picky. Lastly, something that stood out for me was the subtle engraving in the middle of the pen. It says “Space Pen by Fischer – USA –“ and it is a very nice touch to the design.

Fischer Bullet Space Pen Refill

One thing that I have noticed after several months of usage is how it handles. Given that it is a very smooth and sleek pen, it often wants to fall out of my pocket. Especially when I sit down, I notice that it wants to sneak right out of my pocket. I have read online that many others have experienced this problem as well. I know that there is a separate clip that you can purchase for the bullet pen. I believe that this would help the pen stay in your pocket better, but I’m not sure how much better. Also, I noticed that when you lay the pen down on a flat surface, the pen tends to a little bit of rolling. I usually have to wedge it between two things to prevent it from rolling off the table or desk.

Fischer Bullet Space Pen Gift Box

Overall, I think that it is a solid pen at a decent price. I don’t have any major complaints about the pen, and I can’t say that there any faults that will prevent me from using it from time to time.

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  • Best pen I have ever used last a long time on ink

    J Banville

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