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Dodco Inc. Wire Garment Hanger Review

Clothing hangers are often not one of the items one would think of when considering luxury or high end metal goods. Because so many people opt for inexpensive, flimsy and fragile clothing hangers constructed from either plastic or wire, not a lot of people are aware of the world that exists outside of department-store-style clothing hangers found in many homes.  

Dodco Inc. Garment Hangers

Although there are various types of metal clothing hangers on the market, one that continued to spark my interest was the Dodco Inc. Garment Hanger. Although a price of $18 for a pack of 6 hangers does seem rather expensive for a product that is readily available for fractions of that cost, there are several defining characteristics of this product that justify the unit price of $3 per hanger.

Product Review

Dodco Hanger Review

When I first received the product from Dodco, I was surprised at the unique shape of the box. The hangers were tightly shipped in an unmarked triangular box, reminding me exactly of what I had purchased before even opening. Upon first inspection, the hangers were much lighter than I was expecting. The metal wire is quite thick, and any normal person would have a difficult time intentionally bending this hanger, let alone during daily use. Before receiving the product, I was initially concerned by the possibility of the tip being too sharp and snagging articles of clothing. Because of the way the metal ends have been rounded down and sanded to a smooth finish, there is a very small likelihood of these hangers damaging any type of clothing. After several months of using these hangers, I can confirm that this is indeed the case. Looking through the Dodco website, it appears that there are several other styles of hangers also available. Other than just the generic metal hanger, Dodco has several alternative designs that seem interesting enough to potentially check out. Particularly I think that their Stole Hanger might serve as a great option for folded pants and trousers.

Why Metal Hangers?

Another thing that sparked my interest with this product was the fact that they are a highly specialized and established company based in Milwaukee, WI. From a sustainability standpoint, having durable hangers that can be passed down generationally is guaranteed to reduce your overall impact. Think about how many broken or bent hangers you have thrown out because they are no longer functional. Or what about how many hangers have been thrown out during a move? Being an everyday item that most people frequently handle, it goes without saying that a quality hanger can go a long way.

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Note: This product was not endorsed or promoted in any way. The author's opinions and beliefs are solely based on personal experiences. 

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