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Casio F-108WH - Best Budget Watch?

Casio F-108WH Watch Review

Casio Watch Review

I first decided that I would write a review for the Casio F-108WH after I had been called out several times for it unexpectedly beeping in public. Whether it was during the heart of a dead silent lecture hall or important meeting, for the longest time, I could not figure out how to get this watch to stop beeping. After some of my friends would joke with me everyday about the beeping by saying stuff like, “where did you get that watch, 1985?” I was a little shocked by their reactions, because I see many people wearing these watches in various different styles. Regardless, I didn’t let this bother me and continued to wear this everyday beater that has been my trusty time teller for many months now.

Casio F-108WH Watch Review

Now there are several variations of this watch which are all around the same price point with many similarities. First off, the F-108WH is a step up from the younger cousin watch of the F-91W. With that being said, there is an even bigger model that does the same thing but is a little chunkier. They also offer a 'world time' model and their more expensive G-Shock series watches. Upon first inspection, flimsy packaging and an underwhelming weight, I felt that this watch was something from a McDonalds happy meal toy rather than a legitimate product. After looking closer, the buttons did feel pretty solid and the metal back looked decent enough to be acceptable. A few days of wearing the watch everyday and I really did forget that I was wearing something that kept track time. Because it is waterproof, inexpensive and so lightweight, you really have no reason to take it off. This is truly my favorite feature about the Casio F-108, the functionality. After around 18 months of on and off usage, the battery is still ticking away, the clasps are fully functional and the buttons feel the same as always. At this price point (13.99 on Amazon) it is perfect to wear everywhere, because you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or dinged up.

Moving from the greatness’s of the F-108, there are really two main drawbacks that could be improved upon (@casio I hope you see this). Firstly, I would love for the screen to be made out of something slightly more durable than plastic. Online it is marketed as a 'mineral dial window' but it is not much more than a plastic cover. Sure for the price point it makes sense to include the plastic display, but after a few years I could imagine that the plastic screen could become even more scuffed to minimize visibility. I think that it would be hugely beneficial to offer a glass faced version at a higher price point for durability. Other than the display durability concerns, the only other drawback that I could identify would be the constant beeping from the alarm or at each hour. For the longest time, I could not figure out how to get this watch to be silent. After I looked at the manual, I was able to figure it out no problem.

Casio F-108 Metal Back

Overall, super solid watch. I would easily recommend this time piece as my top choice for anyone looking for an accurate watch at an extremely cheap price. It definitely won’t turn any heads or sparkle in the sunlight, but it also won’t break the bank and a with a watch like this sometimes that’s more important.

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