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5 Best Inexpensive Digital Watches

Digital watches are always going to have a special place within the watch lover community, as it provides an alternative to the traditional analog watch style that is popular on so many watches today. We have set out to deliver a comprehensive list of some of the best digital watches available on the market today. In no particular order, this list was compiled based on several factors: comfort, durability, usability and price.

Although many fitness trackers do also double as digital watches, we have decided to exclude all fitness trackers from this review.

Casio F-91W

Casio Watch

This watch is a huge player in the digital watch scene, as it has been extremely influential to many other watches. This watch started to gain popularity sometime throughout the 80’s and has been a hit since. With its retro inspired design, this watch has been able to hold up throughout the test of time because of its iconic durability. With the standard features available on the F-91W, this watch sets the baseline for most other digital watches. The F-91W comes with three buttons to toggle between different modes and the light. There are currently various modifications of this watch that simply possess different branding schemes. One example of this can be seen as the Neff Flava. Fret not, the same great Casio watch still exists at heart.

11$: Check Price on Amazon

Casio F-108WH

Casio Watch Review

Almost as iconic as the original watch, this Casio watch could not go unmentioned on a list of the Best digital watches of 2020. This watch has been loosely inspired by the original Casio watch above, but there are several accommodations that make it more practical and premium-feeling. The watch face is a little thicker, and the buttons are a little easier to press because of this. Additionally, the lighting mechanism uses the classic ‘illuminator’ technology that is present on many Casio watches. This digital watch is available in a wide variety of colors as well. Sitting at around 13$ on Amazon, this is another quality pick that won’t break the bank. If you are interested in learning more about this watch, check out our in depth review of the Casio F-108WH here. 

14$: Check Price on Amazon

Note: there are also other similar variations in a similar price range, but they all have pretty much the same features. You can see how this model looks extremely close to F-108WH.

G Shock DW-5600BB

G Shock Watch

The G Shock brand is actually owned by Casio, so it is no surprise that many of the popular G Shock watches just look like a fancier version of the popular Casio models. Personally, I think that some of the G Shock watches are very visually appealing, whereas others look rather horrible. One of the things that really bothers me about this watch brand is how much more expensive they are compared to the Casio watches. Sure Casio may be a brand also known for calculators, but it is also hard to find a Casio watch for more than 25$.

71$: Check Price on Amazon

 Nixon Regulus 

Nixon Regulus Watch Review

This Nixon watch stands out as one of the most square faced watches on this list. Not only is it one of the most boxy looking watches, it is also the largest watch on this list. Although it is much thicker and larger than the others, its chunkiness comes with some cool features. The buttons are very ergonomic and provide a much more visually appealing alternative to the small metal buttons on many other digital watches on the market. Also, the inverted digital screen makes the deep black face and rubber straps pop out much more. For those that love rugged features of G-Shock watches but might be looking for something different, the Nixon Regulus is your watch.

150$: Check Price on Amazon

Armitron Sport

Armitron Watch

At just under 20$ on Amazon, this watch is a solid competitor to the Casio style watches for a good reason. The square face of this watch is not only iconic but also similar to many other digital watches on the market today. Armitron does offer several other digital watches that have more of the traditional styled round face, but I personally like the look of this style better. Upon first inspection, this digital wristwatch might not appear to be that much different from some of the flagship models in the Casio lineup, but there a few key variations. First is the layout of the digital screen. The top section of the Armitron digital watch is much more jumbled, as it includes every day of the week with just a pointer next to the current day. Another selling point for this watch is the vibrant color options available. I love the look of the bright yellow rubber strap.

22$: Check Price on Amazon

Honorable Mention: Electric EDT-01

Electric EDT-01 Watch

This might be one of the best-looking watches on this list, as its smooth curves and rounded edges make it look like something from the future. I am adding this as an honorable mention, because I believe that Electric has since then discontinued their watch brand. With that being said, this watch is still a very solid daily driver and worth consideration when comparing popular digital watches. The Electric EDT01 definitely has a much more premium feel compared to other watches. Some of the key upgrades that this watch features that are able to differentiate it from the others include the hardened mineral face and the inversed dark digital dial. The combination of these two features makes for a really clear and easy to read watch face. One feature that might not be super important to readers is the addition of a tidal and lunar calendar. This design was intended to be used by surfers or anyone who is around the ocean, as the tides and moon phase play a lucrative role in their day to day activities. Another thing I love about this watch is the color of the backlight, it is a really light blue that looks great at night. 





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